It’s been ten days since we recorded and yet so much has happened.

Peter Meiszner got owned on Twitter.

Michael Wiebe got owned by the Court of Appeal (read the ruling) but he might still bring us a new Vancouver Special.

The VDLC nominate one more – but notably not one of their own – while Port Coquitlam mysteriously quits its local government association.

The Surrey SkyTrain business case is approved, including lots of housing.

Our beach logs are still in jail and council snubbed a proposed pool for Mount Pleasant.

A new shadow group is advertising on Facebook, as pre-election disclosure rules are about to kick in.

More reddit analysis of voting trends of City Council.

In nomination news, Mike Klassen joins ABC, Nigel Malkin announces for West Van Council (despite not registering his party) and Haven Lubrieki announces for Port Moody Council.

New Westminster considers being a bit less Royal, in the spirit of reconciliation, which is getting called out by at least one Indigenous activist.

The president of TEAM resigns when he realizes what the party is about.

The Fountainhead Pub gets to expand after council rejects staff recommendations.

And in our Vancouveratta, go see Matthew slinging beers at the Vancouver Folk Festival.

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