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E-129 Slush funds

Brian Kelcey (@StateOfTheCity) joins us to talk political slush funds. Plus the latest goings on in Metro Vancouver politics.

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E-155 Lego blocks dropped from the sky

The Broadway Plan is the next threat to life as we know it – or part of the solution to our housing crisis

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E-176 The Vancouver Plan: Won’t someone think of the horses?

The latest council drama plus dives into the Vancouver Plan and housing in the federal budget

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E-771 Transcript

A transcript for E-771

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E-792 Transcript

The following is a largely AI-generated transcript for E-792. Please excuse any errors. [00:00:29] Matthew Naylor: It is August 14th, 2020,… Read More

E-799 We’re not calling it a comeback Transcript

The following is a largely AI-generated transcript for E-799. Excuse any errors, we’re trying to catch up on these and need… Read More

Latest Articles
Digging into Elections BC’s rules

Our report on the finances of Vancouver's political parties last week left us with a number of questions about Elections… Read More

Vancouver’s political party finances

The state of political parties in Vancouver

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The Young Report

“We have some concerns” wrote City lawyers on Cllr Wiebe’s alleged conflict of interest. And the full Young Report

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