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E-500 Cars over bikes

Green councillors tank nonprofit housing and bikes on Commercial Drive, drinking comes to Vancouver parks and Port Moody embraces the chaos

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E-514 Finally slaying the cat democracy

Democracy takes another hit in the City of Vancouver (or maybe people might just get somewhere to live)

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E-540 Hubris is the nature of municipal politics

And then there was one as three more councillors (and their entire School Board caucus) leave the NPA.

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E-771 Transcript

A transcript for E-771

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E-792 Transcript

The following is a largely AI-generated transcript for E-792. Please excuse any errors. [00:00:29] Matthew Naylor: It is August 14th, 2020,… Read More

E-799 We’re not calling it a comeback Transcript

The following is a largely AI-generated transcript for E-799. Excuse any errors, we’re trying to catch up on these and need… Read More

Latest Articles
The Young Report

“We have some concerns” wrote City lawyers on Cllr Wiebe’s alleged conflict of interest. And the full Young Report

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BC Rental Project spent nearly $40k on Facebook ads prior to provincial election call

A page called the BC Rental Project has spent nearly $40k arguing for private sector solutions to the housing crisis.

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Coquitlam’s real land sell off dwarfs hypothetical Vancouver land sales

Coquitlam is set to raise 12% of its budget through land sales.

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