The wild summer lead up to the municipal elections continues!

John Coupar quits the race for mayor following another bad poll for him.

The Vancouver Plan passes, with plenty of amendments, including an amended amendment that drew the ire of Black Vancouverites.

A Kitsilano social housing complex also passed, also after 300 speakers. But the controversy played a part in the decision to quit by BC Housing’s CEO.

We also know how little Port Coquitlam will save by leaving the LMLGA, which doesn’t really explain why they left.

Dan Fumano exposes that Lululemon founder Chip Wilson is rallying BC’s elite to stop socialism. There seems to be a connection between this new group and Views of Vancouver, who continue to spend significantly on ads in Vancouver.

Vancouver’s Fire Chief ordered the urgent removal of tents along Hastings, which is already postponed.

Ken Sim backtracks on ABC’s plan to abolish the Parks Board.

VOTE Socialist announces its candidates and platform, including 50c transit.

Green candidate Zahra Esmail quits the race for Parks following pressure from the province.

Surrey is heating up with Sukh Daliwhal and Gordie Hogg entering the race for mayor.

Rob Vagramov won’t seek re-election in Port Moody, leading Councillor Steve Milani to announce his bid for mayor.

Drum circles are the latest threat to public safety.

And the Park Board is chaos with meetings adjourned, ruled changed, staff speaking out, Points of Privilege over liking tweets and commissioners blocking one another.

In our Vancouveratta we look at dowtown beaches.

2 thoughts on “E-71 Coupar quits

  1. Hi Ian,

    At the June 18/19 Parks Board meeting that you talked about in this week’s Cambie Report podcast, you framed a motion as debating continuing the bike lane through Stanley Park. That was not the motion at all. The motion was to accept the preliminary findings of a study looking at enhancing access in Stanley Park and to accept its 7 guiding principles.

    Donnie Rosa prefaced their presentation to the board by explicitly stating that it was not about bike lanes, but the findings of the access study and the guiding principles.

    Before the meeting, the two NPA commissioners in their media appearances and on the NPA website framed the motion as you called it and invited followers to come and speak at the meeting. They setup the gong show that followed. That was the real issue. It was textbook populist tactics, except five of the commissioners didn’t back down from the stupidity shown at the meeting. (Also interesting were the reasons the same two commissioners voted against accepting the findings and principles – not enough/right kind of surveys and non-sequiturs.)

    The previous motion, to accept a code of conduct for commissioners similar to the one followed by CoV councillors, was also rejected by the two NPA commissioners. Again, their reasons for doing so are enlightening.

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