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Vancouver loves public hearings. A lot. So much that they’ve spent four meetings already discussing a proposal to streamline rentals along arterials. Unsurprisingly, those writing in opposition live in rich areas.

Vacancy controls are coming to SROs though with only one councillor opposed.

Laneway houses make neighbouring properties more affordable.

Surrey police referendum is a no go, as Elections BC laughs in their face. And the Mayor and RCMP continue to fight a war of words.

Two new candidates are putting their names forward for OneCity’s council slate, including Bobo Eyrich and Ian Cromwell.

The new Vancouver Art Gallery scores a $100 million donation, which still leaves them hundreds of millions from their goal.

And the Park Board considers rebuilding two outdoor pools.

And for Vancouveratta, learn about Sumas Lake from the Fraser Valley Current, Abby News and Vancouvertraces. Or just read Chad Reimer’s Before We Lost the Lake.

Photo credit: Wikimedia/Adam Jones

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