Can Vancouver square the circles of it’s budget?

Staff have presented their budget to council calling for a 5% property tax hike, which translates to ten bucks a month for the average homeowner. And while many departments face cuts, the police think their increase is actually a decrease (math is hard) and want more. They need not fear though, because the mayor is not “anti-cop.”

Mayor Kennedy Stewart is also eager to further raise your taxes to fund the climate plan, which he earlier killed a funding mechanism for. Maybe the rest will come from his deja vu housing plan.

Ken Sim also has a plan to address permit backlogs, which will totally not lead to abuse or staff revolt.

Vancouver looks at building more homes around Renfrew and Rupert SkyTrains, while Burnaby struggles with a few townhomes by BCIT. But things are brighter in Surrey – or at least they will be once staff sanitize their housing needs report.

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Nick Lauga, Iona Bonamis and Jada Natalie Stevens  join the growing list of people wanting to run for OneCity.

And the hits don’t stop for the tiny home on the tiny lot.

In this week’s Vancouveratta: The Canada Post Building.

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