The final nominations are in and Vancouver is about  to do its draw for the random ballot order. But some candidates, notably the entire NPA, wants to include non-Latin characters in their names.

Women Transforming Cities released a report card where most candidates seemingly endorse everything, even things they previously voted against–with a few notable exceptions.

The Vancouver Greens expel a candidate who sold their data to Progress Vancouver. And the NPA has a candidate who tells landlords to poop in their tenant’s toilets.

Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam and Burnaby won’t be having elections for Mayor. Read what Ian had to say to the Burnaby Beacon about that.

The NPA are for public safety while OneCity is for mental health response teams and ending homelessness.

Forward Together has the start of a housing plan, which is not as comprehensive as those we’ve previously discussed.

Forward is also facing criticism for an alleged fundraiser list. Frances Bula, as always, has more.

ABC and COPE released their donor lists.

Leger found voters in Vancouver and Surrey are mad as hell but those in Burnaby and Coquitlam are quite happy.

And OneCity has thoughts about School Board.

Our Vancouveratta takes us to Little Mountain Sound Studios.

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