Non-profit developer and Hogan’s Alley advocate Stephanie Allen (@builtjustice) joins the podcast to talk about her work, Hogan’s Alley and racial justice in Vancouver housing.

Then we get into the ongoing pickle that is the NPA mayoral race as the #SupplyBros and Gregory Baker continue to get into public fights over Hector Bremner’s declined mayoral bid. Plus we spend some time on how racist the NPA is and who little Jenna might be.

We then talk about the state of the progressive race (prior to any rumours we may have leaked last night about Vision kiboshing talks with the other parties) and include an interview Matthew did with Shauna Sylvester (apologies for the background noise).

Finally, we introduce a new segment: Vancouverrata, where we bring in a historical and less political fact from Vancouver’s history. Today’s story comes from Stephanie about Vie’s Chicken & Steaks. Check out this video:

Also: Our mistake, there were 4 women on the NPA board and 2 remain following the resignations this past week.

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