Depending who you listen to the Broadway Plan, which comes to council on Wednesday is either the greatest thing ever or the ultimate destruction of the Vancouver we know and love. Plus policing, NIMBYs also hate pools, election speculation via polls and candidate announcements, and shenanigans in Surrey, Langley and Lytton.

Broadway Plan | City of Vancouver

Mike Howell: What the heck is the Broadway plan, anyway? 

Opinion: Vancouver’s Broadway Plan is a step forward and we can’t afford to fall behind

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Mayor Stewart moves to create strongest tenant protections in Canada, add 50,000 new neighbours in Broadway Plan – Forward Together Vancouver

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How many new homes are needed in Metro Vancouver? The number is shocking

Council agenda May 17, 2022

Controversial Vancouver police ‘trespass prevention program’ goes citywide

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Mount Pleasant residents protest possibility of a new park pool

Dan Fumano: Early Vancouver 2022 election poll shows Stewart, Sim, Hardwick as most popular picks

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Peter Meiszner announcement

New Vision Vancouver Candidate Slate to Bring Hope and Experience Back to City Hall

Patrick Johnstone: Yes, I’m running

Surrey Mayor brings back vote to defeat motion related to his public mischief charge

BC mayor censured, pulled from appointments over ‘unbecoming’ conduct – BC |

Lytton ATCO deal

Municipal election jobs | City of Vancouver

The Livestock Building | Eve Lazarus

3 thoughts on “E-155 Lego blocks dropped from the sky

  1. I just listened to your lego blocks podcast, and I disagree with almost everything you said, but I must object to one thing you said particularly. Lori Culbert’s story was informative, but you CANNOT add up all the municipal housing needs totals to reach a grand total of 250,000 new units. They are Christmas wish lists from the municipalities.

    These municipalities compete with each other for both newcomers, and for provincial and federal funding. They will not all get what they want. That would be excessive, overkill, and irrational. Plus, many newcomers, if not almost all, will take up existing housing, not new housing. People die. People move away. People move into extended care.

  2. Re.: lego blocks podcast, you are pandering to a bunch of yahoos who never read Brian Palmquist’s report, which emphasized that the illustration shown was a digital rendering of a massing model. Stephen Quinn did not read it either, apparently.

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