Brian Kelcey (@StateOfTheCity) joins us to talk political slush funds. Then we look at the state of the debate around the Broadway Plan, upcoming motions, a possibly doomed attempt to upzone Victoria, construction in Coquitlam, chaos in Surrey, shenanigans in schools and the latest nomination news.


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Daphne Bramham: Americanization of Vancouver politics has created ‘dysfunctional’ city governance

Daphne Bramham: Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart has $4-million advantage, thanks to taxpayers

NPA slams ‘$4 million Mayor’ and promises to end political slush fund

Thread: Brian Kelcey’s thread

Policy Options: To lead in the 21st century, Canadian mayors need the power to propose

John Coupar and machetes 

Frances Bula suggests 30+ amendments coming for Broadway Plan

A Better Broadway Plan: Radical Pro-Affordability | The Tyee

Dan Fumano: For parks in Broadway plan, city may need to get creative | Vancouver Sun

Council cocktail culture motion

Council Plaza Pilot extension

‘It may never happen’: Vote reversal could turf Victoria’s ‘missing middle’ initiative – Capital Daily

Coming Victoria motion looks to reverse missing middle timeline delays

Coquitlam council approves 16-tower Fraser Mills development – Tri-Cities Dispatch

Surrey, BC council meeting erupts into chaos as mayor asked to resign – BC | 

NDP MLA Jinny Sims challenging Doug McCallum in Surrey mayoral race – BC | .

Vancouver School Board Is Violating Charter Rights, Say Student Journalists | The Tyee

Why Did the Teachers Union Tear Down LGBTQ2S+ Student Posters at Britannia? | The Tyee

Parents Lose Fight to Save Queen Elizabeth Annex School | The Tyee

ABC announces Brian Montague as 6th council candidate

Green Party nominates 4 Park Board and 3 School Board candidates

Nathan Pachal declares for Mayor of Langley City

Here are the candidates for Vancouver mayor and council | CBC News

Metro Matters – Province won’t let Vancouver raise nomination threshold

Vancouveratta: Bernice Gerard: Pentecostal minister, Vancouver city councillor, TV host

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