For International Women’s Day Carolina Ibarra, director of strategic initiatives with Brightside Homes, joins us to talk about the specific impacts faced by women in the affordable housing crisis. Brightside Homes is a non-profit, affordable housing provider in Vancouver with 27 buildings housing over 1000 people. For more information about how to apply, visit 

Then, Ian, Patrick and Matthew catch up on the latest Vanpoli news. West Vancouver councillors set their sights on crashing the proposed North Shore B-Line, Jean Swanson nearly kills Rental 100, Vancouver’s west-side residents feel stigmatized by a rezoning proposal tied to the UBC Subway, the kerfuffle over Vancouver’s advisory committees and Jens von Bergmann’s latest data visualization highlights shows how to densify Metro Vancouver with minimal displacement.

Finally, we share a special Vancouveratta relating to Vancouver’s history of feminist activism.

Apologies if this appears as a repost in your feed, we had some issues with our webhost recently.

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