This is a recording of the September 12, 2018 candidates forum hosted by UBC Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate.

The high cost of housing continues to dominate headlines in the lead-up to municipal elections throughout Greater Vancouver.

How do the parties running for Vancouver’s City Council and Mayor plan to address housing affordability, high commercial taxes, and a regulatory process in need of streamlining?

Panelists include:

Christine Boyle, OneCity
Hector Bremner, Yes Vancouver
David Chen, ProVancouver
Pete Fry, Green Party
Ken Sim, NPA
Kennedy Stewart
Jean Swanson, COPE
Shauna Sylvester
Diego Cardona, Vision Vancouver

Ian Bushfield, Cambie Report
Nadia Stewart, Global BC

Introductory Remarks
Tom Davidoff
Director, Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate Associate Professor, Strategy and Business Economics UBC Sauder School of Business

Prefer video? Watch the livestream.

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2 thoughts on “CUERE Forum: Housing Policy in the 2018 Vancouver Civic Election: a Candidates’ Panel

  1. I am loyal listener/supporter of your podcast. I am also canvassing for Shauna Sylvester. As I canvas, I am recommending that the many undecided people I meet listen to the mayoral interviews you did. I am further recommending that people undecided on Shauna listen to the UBC Housing Forum on your site. I tell them the forum highlights Shauna’s ability to think on her feet. If they are really leaning Shauna I tell them Stewart didn’t demonstrate thinking on his feet so well.

    To sum, I’ve used that line to about 50-100 people. Your welcome if you notice a listener bump.

    Cheers, Don

    P.S. please comment in your next Conseco poll show that while 17% are committed to vote for Sylvester, 27% think she would make the best mayor.

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