Elections BC has released the financial reports from the 2022 municipal elections and we can see how efficient each party’s spending was. Meanwhile, the staff report from the Climate Emergency Action Plan is pretty bleak and ABC opted to slash the climate justice charter from its further implementation. This prompted a question of whether ABC is predetermining outcomes of council votes (probably), which is better than in New West where they just have too many votes.

Back in Vancouver, successful votes mean social housing near the Italian Cultural Centre and the end of the single use cup fee. It also means the end of the Stanley Park bike lane – at least until another round of consultations is completed on installing a permanent lane. Until then, feel free to join Critical Mass once again on the last Friday of every month.

The cops and nurses plan turns out to be just cops. Langley SkyTrain is on track. And Surrey homeowners will pay more but not 55% more.

And in schools, Vancouver removes a racists’ name, Coquitlam students want pride events and Chilliwack residents want to ban books.

In our Vancouveratta, Cultus Lake sure is nice.


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