Matthew Naylor is on holiday this week but instead we have political scientist and Twitter commentator Stewart Prest (@stewartprest) joining us to talk about his take on the Vancouver election.

Then we get into the nine council candidates the NPA has chosen to run, and whether that’s too many names for us to keep track of.

The City of Vancouver announced the expropriation of the Regent and Balmoral, two SRO buildings run by the Sahotas. We look at a good news piece from The Globe and Mail about how the lives of the former residents have improved since they’ve been moved to better housing.

From good to bad, we then look at the death of an orca calf and what the city and residents can do to keep the Salish Sea healthy.

West Vancouver faces its first contest mayoral race in a decade and the competition between two women has brought out some uglier commentary. And in the City of Langley, former MLA Peter Fassbender announces he’s angling to return to his position as mayor.

Finally, Patrick tells us about the Stanley Park 9 O’Clock Gun for this week’s Vancouveratta.

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