It was hot out. Like really hot. Like you need to sit under a tree for some shade but the damn Park Board wouldn’t open the park until they finally relented.

Meanwhile what do you do if you’re mayor and you feel like you’re not getting your way and COVID restrictions are lifting? You start a party! And accuse your opponents of being lurking Harperites.

The good news for those opponents though is their own polling has them in the lead, but mostly only if you include a bunch of extra options.

Meanwhile in Burnaby you can be elected to council if you can convince 3200 people to turn out for you, although you may be accused of being a lurking Conservative for your past ties to Liberals.

You don’t need to worry about that in West Van and you want to be mayor though. Simply promise to run lots of expensive referendums while also cutting taxes and stopping growth in the village where the population is actually declining.

Back in Vancouver though some houses are actually going to be built, as council miraculously came to a unanimous vote.

And with that W on the board, maybe the city should swing for the fences.

Just don’t use land clearing burns following a heat wave to make room for any necessary stadium

One thought on “E-466 It’s a cruel, cruel summer

  1. Would you like to discuss the CIVIX platform with me on your podcast. Most of your entertaining comments were wrong ir misleading. Cheers Nigel

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