The NPA names its new mayoral contestant, former Vancouver 1st candidate Fred Harding, only to lose park board candidates Tricia Barker & Kumi Kimura to TEAM.

ABC announces a transparency policy.

Vancouver is appealing its defeated SRO vacancy control bylaw and the courts, and the province, basically allowed Coquitlam  to get away with breaking the law.

And familiar names are running in Coquitlam, Richmond, Langley and Maple Ridge. Which leads to a Vancouveratta about a former little ferry.

Fred Harding announces for NPA 

Vancouver NPA loses Tricia Barker, candidate joins TEAM 

ABC transparency policy 

Vancouver appeals SRO vacancy control ruling

Nicholson v. Coquitlam

No byelection? No penalty, B.C. minister says after court ruling on Coquitlam’s decision – Tri-City News

 Richard Stewart runs again

Derek Dang, Kash Heed aiming for political comebacks in October’s Richmond election – Economy, Law & Politics | Business in Vancouver

Rich Coleman runs in Langley Township

Battle for Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge city council settles legal dispute with councillor

Albion Ferry – Wikipedia

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