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In a surprising result, Ken Sim won the NPA mayoral nomination defeating sitting Park Board Commissioner John Coupar and populist Glen Chernen. We break down who Sim is, what this means for the NPA and where Chernen may end up.

Then we discuss a mixer held by the Bremner team on the day after and try to read the tea leaves about who was there and what it means.

On the progressive side, the VDLC has reached agreements with the various parties and it’s somewhat of a mess. We try to sort out what happened and why pretty much everyone is disappointed (which might mean it’s a good compromise).

Justin McElroy (@j_mcelroy), CBC’s municipal affairs reporter, joins us. Find Justin at

Note: Apologies for the short bits of electronic noise in the first few minutes of the podcast. We’re planning to upgrade our mics in the near future (or at least properly shield them).

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