At some point Brenda Locke should get tired of losing, but today is not that day. It does inspire us to think of Surrey as a grand collective delusion that we’re all experiencing. Importantly though, voting isn’t speech and the constitution still doesn’t recognize municipalities.

In Vancouver, Council wants to keep property taxes low, there are squabbles at the Park Board but maybe we can sell off naming rights to our parks to solve our budget woes (spoiler: we can’t). Ken Sim will continue to operate on vibes, however. Throughout that, Vancouver is behind on its housing targets but it has plenty of company from municipalities still grumbling about the province forcing them to upzone all residential zones.

George Harvie is still in hot water over travel expenditures, Port Moody mulled a lobbyist registry, Langley City is banning daycares and Coquitlam nearly banned joy.

And you should all go save the WISE Hall.



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