Live from The Belmont in Vancouver.

Patrick Condon and Ken Clement both announced they’re not intending to run this year following health issues. The Vancouver & District Labour Council released it’s endorsements for the upcoming election. ResearchCo has a new poll showing Ken Sim and Kennedy Stewart in a statistical tie in the race for mayor.

Over in Burnaby, the city looks set to take a radical turn from its demoviction approach and will instead become the first BC municipality to enact rental-only zoning. The race may still be tough for incumbent mayor Derek Corrigan as Burnaby Green Joe Keithley drops out of the mayoral race to endorse challenger Mike Hurley.

Finally, in Surrey Rich Coleman backs out of the mayoral race while former mayor Doug McCallum announces his return to civic politics. McCallum’s first priority would be to scrap the Surrey LRT while the left-wing Proudly Surrey would see the city leave TransLink. It’s all enough to drive Matthew Naylor into a pro-transit rant.

After the break, we’re joined by Gordon Price and Sandy James, co-editors of the Price Tags municipal affairs website. Gordon Price was a six-term city councillor and director of The City Program at SFU. Sandy James is a city planner and director of Walk Metro Vancouver. We talk to Gordon and Sandy about rezoning, walkability and bike lanes.

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