A rental-only zoning bylaw survives a court challenge in New Westminster, patios are extended, staff will keep thinking about the Olympics, Twitter drama, housing for the homeless, Yes in New West, bikes in Stanley Park, UNDRIP and Joyce St development vs cultural food assets. And an extended look at Vancouver’s long history of anti-Asian racism in our Vancouveratta.

Plus a Cambie Report original sea shanty to lead off the show.


Photo credit: flickr/Kurt Bauschardt

The Vancouver Planner Shanty

There once was a man named Larry Beasley
Who built a city of glass by the sea
His name lives on for the plans he wrought
Called the Vancouver Model [huh]

May another planner come
To build housing for all incomes
And when the City Plan is done
We’ll make Vancouver grow

thence Calgary came Toderian
Industrial lands fought for, but then
His ego clashed with management
And they had to let him go [huh]

Gregor then brought in Jackson
To be Vision’s planning yes man
With th’architects he sparked a row
And he opted to step down [huh]

Last came a man named Gil Kelley
for the missing middle to build, you see
But he ran up against the bureaucracy
Back to Oregon he goes [huh]

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