We survived the federal election where nothing happened so we can turn our attention fully toward the upcoming municipal elections but first perhaps a byelection in Coquitlam.

The massive cull of coyotes in Stanley Park resulted in four coyotes being “lethally removed” as well as two arrests.

Vision announces a call for candidates, which draws up some interesting names but ultimately the party has been shunned by the VDLC.

Pop-up patios are now permanent in Vancouver, while new provincial money wants to make sure permitting delays are not.

City council is set to start meeting in a hybrid format following lobbying by Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung. However, its advisory committees are back in person.

Vancouver’s Mayor had a run in at a wine store, while Surrey’s Mayor is mad about (possible?) SkyTrain construction delays.

Finally: Street cars remain cool, the carp are dying in Stanley Park and running for Coquitlam council is about to get incrementally harder.

And in our Vancouveratta: The time we switched from driving on the left to the right.

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