Cambie Report

Vancouver's new local politics podcast. Covering the 2018 municipal election. Hosted by Patrick Meehan and Matthew Naylor from Pod Keep Our Land and Ian Bushfield from PolitiCoast.

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    Ep 05: Fances Bula

    Veteran Vancouver journalist Frances Bula joins us to talk about covering the city.

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    Ep 02: Another mayor bites the dust

    The state of the Vancouver mayoral election, Metro Vancouver pension increase, more mayors who aren't running again and a look into the mailbag.

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    Ep 01: Elections are weird - A history of Vancouver politics

    In the first full episode of Cambie Report, Ian Bushfield and Patrick Meehan are joined by Erin Reddekopp from The Tipsy Archives podcast to dive into the history of Vancouver politics, break down how municipal elections work in the city and look at the state of the race.